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Random Act of Kindness Kits - Business Benefits

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Spreading kindness is an idea whose time has come: Make a positive impact with some of that marketing money to elevate your message, burnish your brand and enliven your employees/customers/stakeholders.

Life is short. The act of doing a good deed for someone else could change the course of their day, or even their life and will make your business more profitable, making you feel better in the process 

Every act of kindness creates a ripple effect that spreads with no end in sight. 

To create a movement of kindness and to help you jumpstart your own ripple effects of kindness we, at Kindness & Co, have created a striking Random Act of Kindness Kit. The Kit includes a beautifully hand-designed card, blank envelope, the ability to attach a bill in a denomination of your choice and a number of inspired ideas about ways the recipient can use the gift. 

11 Reasons to Give Kindness Kits This Year 

  • Kindness Kits promote recipients to take action to perform a kind act (in a very easy to execute way)
  • Performing kind acts make people feel good about themselves, which makes individuals happier, more productive, better to be around and goal oriented
  • Kindness Kits create a ripple effect of kindness with no end in sight making this world a better place
  • This concept is innovative and timely. Take credit for being an innovative forward thinker
  • The ‘Corporate Gift’ industry is dominated by cheap, logo-emblazoned trinkets more likely to be ignored than cherished. Who cares about getting another tacky thingamajig, and what does that tell you about the giver?
  • Kindness Kits are cost effective but have BIG perceived value
  • People increasingly value (and remember) experiences over stuff
  • A simple way to stay front of mind with your customers, prospects, and contacts
  • A way to thank you employees through a positive experience that will make them feel good and boost morale
  • Promotes positive, free social feedback (possibly viral) about you and your brand
  • Lots of customized options. Kindness & Co will create a customized branding and marketing campaign designed for your specific program. Contact Kindness Agency to discuss the possibilities. Kindness & Co is a full-service content/influence marketing agency. We have experience with national and international fortune 500 clients as well as with many small and mid-sized businesses.

Ideas for internal use:

  • Use for employee gifts or thank-yous
  • Supply Kindness Kits to everyone in your organization to boost morale, for a special occasion or to launch a new project

Ideas for external use:

  • Use as thank you gifts for your customers, service providers or vendors
  • Use to acknowledge people providing you with business referrals
  • Send to prospects to stay top of mind, build trust and promote the relationship
  • Jump-start a viral PR campaign in Social Media
  • Build a marketing program around Kindness

Stand out when giving gifts this year! 

Email for quotes on orders of 200+ Random Act of Kindness Kits and to find out about our custom branding options and viral marketing campaign opportunities.