About Kindness & Co


To create a movement of kindness and to help you jumpstart your own ripple effects of kindness we, at Kindness & Co, have created a striking Random Act of Kindness Kit. The Kindness Kit includes a beautifully hand-designed card, blank envelope, the ability to attach a bill in a denomination of your choice and a number of inspired ideas about ways the recipient of your choice can use the gift.



  1. GET KINDNESS KIT: Purchase a beautiful hand designed Random Act of Kindness Kit. The kit includes a blank envelope, removable stickers and a Random Act of Kindness card.
  1. ATTACH BILL OF CHOICE: Attach a $ bill in the designated space, in the denomination (and currency) of your choice, using the stickers. The card includes a bunch of fun and innovative ideas of ways the recipient can use that bill to do something nice for someone to advance the ripple effect of kindness
  1. GIVE IT AWAY: Give the card to a recipient of your choice. Consider sending the gift anonymously; just leave your return address off the envelope, to add some fun and mystery into the recipient's day. Or, sign it and take all the credit.