Kindness & Co + WorqIQ - Positive Action Kindness Kit

Kindness & Co Positive Action Kindness Kit Cover

Research from Korn Ferry Hay Group found that the leader has up to a 70% influence rate on how employees feel about the work environment. Central to this finding is the leader’s style and the quality of the relationship they have with employees. Great Place to Work found that employees who work in caring environments are 44% more productive.

Couple the above findings with our own research at Kindness & Co and there’s a powerful narrative about the influence spreading gratitude and joy has on performance.

  • When leaders set aside 10 minutes once or twice a month to write out thank you cards, they experience increased satisfaction in their own work and find greater meaning in their role as a leader.
  • Teams report that the expression of gratitude increases their commitment levels to want to work harder.
  • Customers or potential customers report that they are more likely to consider doing business with the individual/organization who sent one of our pay-it-forward kits.

Through your expressions of gratitude to employees and colleagues, you can improve company culture and climate, productivity, positivity and sales with this beautiful and unique WorqIQ + Kindness & Co, Positive Action Kindness Kit.

To create a movement of kindness and positive workplace culture, we've teamed up with Shawn Murphy, author of The Optimistic Workplace and CEO of WorqIQ, to create a beautiful, hand-designed Positive Action Kindness Kit. 

What’s Included in the Kit:

  • A beautifully hand-designed card, blank envelope, some removable stickers to attach a bill in a denomination of your choice, gift card, tickets or cafeteria bucks.
  • Innovative ideas about ways the recipient of your choice can use the gift to improve company culture. 

Forget boring old coffee or music gift cards, this is a perfectly unique gift for an acquaintance, someone close or group gifts. The recipients of these Kits will have a blast making the culture a better place and feel good in the process.

$ 9.99