Random Act of Kindness Kit | Bloom

Random Act of Kindness Kit | Bloom

Spread the love with this beautiful and unique Random Act of Kindness Kit.

To create a movement of kindness and to help you jumpstart your own ripple effects of kindness we launched Kindness & Co and have created beautiful hand designed Random Act of Kindness Kits. 

The Kits include a beautifully hand-designed card, blank envelope, fun kindness stickers, some removable stickers to attach a bill in a denomination of your choice and some fun and innovative ideas about ways the recipient of your choice can use the gift.

Forget generic coffee or music gift cards, this is a perfectly unique gift for an acquaintance, someone close, appreciation or group gifts. The recipients of these Kits will have a blast making the world a better place and feel good in the process. You take all the credit! 

$ 19.99